The beauty that is Sleeping

Sleeping Beauty also known as Aurora is the princess of Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

In a wayEdit

Aurora is a heroine in a way.

She was honest to the fairies about her feelings for Prince Phillip and was also honest to Phillip that the fairies told her she's not supposed to talk to strangers.

That's why her element is honesty.


King Stefan is her father

Queen Lea is her mother

Prince Philip is her husband

Briar Beauty is her daughter in ever after high.

link in the descriptionEdit - Briar in a wiki - her prince in Disney wiki - herself in Disney wiki - fanfiction archive - official trailer



  • she is the 3rd official Disney princess
  • the animals got Philip's clothes so that they could pretend that they are the prince and to impress Aurora
  • In the movie Maleficent, She was crowned Queen of the moors by Maleficent
  • In the movie Maleficent, she was portrayed by Elle Fanning

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