Jasmine's a flower

Jasmine also known as Princess Jasmine is the princess of DIsney's Aladdin

in a wayEdit

Jasmine is a heroine in a way.

As she saw that Aladdin was getting attacked by the guards, she had the courage to show her as Princess Jasmine of Agraba. She did that because you know how she's a princess? and princesses are the authority over guards and people of the kingdom. And even though she didn't want to get caught as a princess outside the palace, still, she loved Aladdin and so she showed up as the princess. But the guards said thet Jafar was behind all this, and since Jasmine really loved Aladdin, she had the courage to march right down to Jafar's room and tell him of.

that's why her element is courage.


The sultan is her father

Aladdin is her husband

Raja is her pet tiger

link in the descriptionEdit - her father in Disney wiki - the genie in Disney wiki - Aladdin in Disney wiki - Jasmine in Disney wiki - Aladdin trailer



  • She is the 6th official disney princess
  • she is the 3rd disney princess to not have a daughter in ever after high; the 1st being Ariel, the 2nd being Belle
  • only briefly, we get to see Jasmine in a purple outfit
  • her singing voive is provided by Lea Salonga, a filipina

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