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Cinderella is the princess of Disney's Cinderella

In a wayEdit

Cinderella is a heroic female in a way. in Cinderella 3, her stepmother told Lucifer the cat to bring her far away in a pumpkin carriage so that Anastasia could marry the prince. She was heroic and destroyed the pumpkin carriage along side with Jaq and Gus and let Lucifer fall into the river and came to the wedding to show her real self and protected Anastasia from the spell of her stepmother so that she would'nt turn into a toad.

She is a very kind princess indeed, that's why her element is kindness.


Her stepmother is the main villain of Cinderella 1, 2, and 3

Drizella is her older stepsister

Anastasia is her younger stepsister

Prince Charming also known as Prince Henry is her husband

Ashlynn Ella is her daughter in ever after high

link in the descriptionEdit - Ashlynn Ella in a wiki - her husband in Disney wiki - Cinderella in a wiki - Cinderella's trailer



  • Cinderella is the 2nd Disney princess
  • We never got to meet her real parents
  • Ashlynn Ella works at a shoe store
  • She is kind because even though she doesn't like it, she does everything for her stepmother and stepsisters
  • She made her appearance in Sofia the first; once upon a princess

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