A mermaid that is little

Ariel is the princess of Disney's The Little mermaid

In a wayEdit

Ariel saw Eric drowning. She loved him very much, so she saved him and put him on the shore. And she knew that she wasn't able to stay above ground with a human for a long time. So as a remembrance, she sang part of your world to him. Then dove back into the sea.

Ariel loved Eric so much. Enough to save him even though she was a mermaid and he was a human.

That's why her element is love.


King Triton is her father as well as the King of the sea

Her mother's name is unknown

She has many older sisters

Prince Eric is her husband

Princess Melody is her daughter.

link in the descriptionEdit - Melody in Disney wiki Eric in Disney wiki - herself in Disney wiki - the little mermaid fanfiction archive - Little mermaid trailer



  • Ariel is the 4th Disney princess
  • she is the 1st princess to have a transformation in the movie
  • she is the 1st princess to not have a daughter in ever after high
  • she is the 1st princess to have a daughter in the movie
  • she got her red hair from her mother
  • she got the stubbornness from her father

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